The Company

RXN Trading was established to bridge the gap between brand manufacturers and retailers in Singapore.

Purchasing pallets of the same product may not be feasible for small retailers while selling small quantity is not profitable for the manufacturer. Here at RXN Trading, we bridge the gap between manufacturers and retailers, bringing in products in bulk and distributing it among our retailers.


Our Beliefs

Fast Reaction

Fast reaction

Our company name explains it all. RXN, an abbreviation for "reaction", is our company's main belief. We react according to the changing market quickly to ensure our products continue to move fast and meets the growing needs of our retailers.

Quality products

We source and supply only the highest quality products suitable for the market. We believe in customer's confidence and ensure returning regular customers for all our retailers.

Premium Quality

Lasting relationship

We believe in forming a lasting relationship with our brands and retailers. Our variety of products are constantly growing to meet the needs of our retailers!